Aquanut Handcrafted Watercolors 52 Half Pan Set


Aquanut Handcrafted Professional Watercolors are hand mulled and poured several times for the perfect consistency. This recipe is one that I personally developed.

Ingredients include, the finest pigments, dyes and micas sourced from all over the world. Aquazol which is a modern binder, however has been used by preservationists for many years, Distilled Water, a New Zealand Honey, Glycerin, Clove Oil, a Synthetic Ox Gall, a Himalayan Sodium, and Dry Gum.

Most of my colors consist of several pigments, micas and/or dyes and are exclusive to my collection. Some are Hybrids and for the most part, are never recreated the same twice. They are easy to wet, creamy, bright, highly pigmented, iridescent and some highly granulating and/or have a high flow. My product is all my own and does not mock any other hand crafter or major manufacturers. I created this formula in the way I layer, push and pour watercolor.

Paint colors for this tin include: Ruby, Alizarin Crimson, Venetian Red, Violet, Raspberry, Hot Pink, Barbie Pink, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Yellow Ochre, Lemon Yellow, Aquamarine, Storm, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt, Thunder, Cobalt Blue Turquoise, Indigo, Sky Blue, Powered Blue, Slate, Wine, Pansy, Imperial Purple, Lavender, Blue lavender, Purple Ochre, Caput Moortum, Iridescent Purple, Raw Sienna, Burnt Siena, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Iridescent Green, Green, Iridescent Cobalt Green Bluish, Tree Frog, Green Earth, 60's Diner, Forest Green, Grey, Smoke, Iridescent Zinc White, Iridescent Bone Black

Colors are subject to change based on current stock.

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