Aquanut™ Handcrafted Professional Watercolors                                          Love Story

I had developed my own formula  after many years and trials. I started selling at local shops, artisan markets and to local artists. Being successful there, I wanted to bring it to the next level. The overwhelming response made me overwhelmed. I had to develop a better, schedule in order to keep up with demand. I was almost sorry, because it took me away from the time I had for art. It's getting easier with time. However, this is my art because, I truly enjoy making colors. 
If it's single pigment colors your looking for, you'll probably have to shop elsewhere. While I do have single pigments, mixing colors that other hand crafters and manufactures don't have is what makes my watercolors unique, as well as, my secret formula.  I rarely mix the same color twice. I make them and then throw away the color recipe. So, I always have something new to add to your color collection. You won't grow bored of the same old colors here.

Aquanut™ watercolors are blistering  with iridescent, rich creamy color from the finest pigments sourced from all over the world. My formula is a step above the rest. I created them for the way I watercolor. That is easy to rewet, creamy, translucent, easy to lift and push, great for layering and pouring glazes to achieve rich, bright colors from the first all the way through to the last.

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